SuperChem VR

For the second half of my summer engineering internship at Schell Games, I served as a gameplay programmer on SuperChem VR—a game prototype exploring interactions based on real-life chemistry inside a virtual reality (VR) environment. The game targets the HTC Vive platform and tasks the player with creating a glowing chemical reaction by measuring and mixing a variety of liquid and solid reactants. A robotic assistant and scanner tool assist the player along the way.

Some tasks to which I contributed include:

  • Range-based grabbing of objects
  • Interactions with world space UI elements
  • Particle-based fluid system for pouring liquids and solids between containers--with conservation of volume
  • Tracking of chemical contents of containers as particles are emitted and consumed
  • Tracking of actions and accuracy over the play session
  • Custom inspector for easy definition of new chemicals
  • In-game help and warning system ("ChemBot")
  • Pointing-based scanning system

Duration of Experience: July 2016 - August 2016

Technologies: HTC Vive, Unity

Team Size: 9

Gameplay video:


Mixed reality trailer

Additional Gameplay